8. Ethnic Dessert


Gulab Jamun

Golden fried milk balls soaked in cardamom syrup


Ras Malai

Cottage cheese dumplings soaked in condensed milk sauce


Gajar Halwa

Coarsely grated carrots cooked in reduced milk


Moong Dal Halwa

A traditional dessert made with yellow lentil puree,

finished with saffron and nuts



Fried semolina twisted dumplings infused in syrup


Sultani Kheer

Rice cooked in milk and raisin flavored with cardamom


Angoori Jamun

Mini deep-fried roundel of cottage cheese & flour in sweetened syrup



Roundels of creamed cheese in sweetened syrup


Chocolate Covered Jalebi in Shot Glasses


Sewaiya Kheer in Shot Glasses


Fruit Display

Seasonal and selective fresh fruit platter


Ice Cream Sundae Bar (Choice of 2)

  Frozen sweetened Cream Flavored in various Flavors -

(Mango, Pistacho, Paan, Chocolate, Vanilla, Tutti Frutti,

Malai Kulfi,  & Strawberry)


Fruit Mélange

Fresh fruits enrobed with vanilla chantilly


Assorted Cookies / Pastries


Assorted Cakes


Assorted Indian Sweets: Bengali/ North Indian


Assorted Mousses/ Jell-O

Spectacular Endings 

Chocolate Fountain

A Spectacular Fountain of Flowing Milk Chocolate Fondue

Served with Display of Fresh Cut Strawberries and Fruits, with Pretzels,

Marshmallows, Graham Crackers and More!

Coupe Tartufo
Italian Ice Cream Bombe with 2 Flavors Served with our Chef's Raspberry Puree and Fresh Whipped Cream 

Espresso Flavored Mascarpone Cream Layered with Lady Fingers Served with Our Special Raspberry Coulees

The Sterling's Silk & Satin

Fresh Baked New York Style Cheese Cake Topped with Our Home-Made Velvety Chocolate Mousse

Spectacular Sparkling Viennese Tables
Assorted Cakes & Pies, Baked Apples, Rice Pudding, Jellos, Assorted Mousses, 
Apple Strudel, Home-Made Flan, Freas Fruit Display, Crepe Suzette Station, Bananas Foster Station, Ice Cream Sundae Bar with all the Toppings, Demi Tasse & Cordial Bar

**Additional Dessert Selections are Available At Additional Cost **