7. Ethnic Dinner

Dinner Menu

Vegetarían Entrées 

Bhindi Masala

Fresh Okra Cooked with Tomatoes and onions in Spices

  Malai Kofta

Soft Cheese and vegetable Croquettes simmered in a Mild creamy sauce 

Navratan Korma

Mélange of Vegetables Cooked in creamy sauce, garnished with grated cheese and nuts

Miloni Subzi Turke Wali

Panache veg., cooked in Kadai, tempered with coriander and cumin

Paneer Mirch Ka Salan

Cottage cheese and green chilies in coconut, peanut and tamarind sauce
Paneer Lababdar

Diced cottage cheese cooked in creamy onion tomato gravy

 Paneer Pasanda

Stuffed cottage cheese batter fried cooked in tomatoes and ginger

Vegetable Makhanwala

Mélange of vegetables with dash of paneer simmered in butter sauce, with fresh tomatoes and onions

Mutter Paneer

Fresh peas and cottage cheese cooked with tomatoes and ginger

Palak Paneer

Diced cottage cheese cooked in creamy spinach sauce

Palak Aloo

Potatoes cooked in spinach based gravy

Methi Mutter Makai

Methi, green peas and corn kernels cooked in yoghurt and fresh Indian spices

Aloo Gobi Adraki

Potato cauliflower cooked together with ginger and spices

 Aloo Methi

New potatoes cooked with fenugreek leaves with curry flavors

Mutter Aloo Gobi

Potatoes, Pease & cauliflower cooked in a special sauce with freshly grounded spices and herbs

Jeera Amritsari Aloo

Potato Cooked with Cumin Seeds and herbs

Baingan ka Bharta

Marinated eggplant Tandoori fired roughly chopped mixed with onion sliced masala 

Vegetable Jalfrezi

Crunchy mixed vegetable with spicy sauce

Badami Mixed Vegetables

Mixed vegetables in cashew nuts and peanuts paste

Palak Aur Paneer Ke Kofte

Palak koftas stuffed with paneer, served with onion-tomato gravy

Paneer Kaju Pasanda

Cottage cheese and cashew nuts cooked into gravy with fresh Indian spices

Diwani Handi

Diamond shaped mixed vegetable cooked in herbs/spices, nuts and cottages cheese 

Bagare Baingan

Whole baby eggplant in a hyderabadi style curry

Baingan Bhartha

Eggplant concasse cooked with green peas 

Bharvan Mirch

Stuffed banana peppers with choice of cottage cheese or vegetables

Dum Aloo Kashmiri

Scooped potatoes filled with dry fruits & nuts in a creamy sauce

 Non-Vegetarian Entrées


Murgh Makhani

Clay oven cooked chicken simmered butter sauce, with fresh tomatoes and onions

Delhi Style Chicken

Chefs special, char grilled chicken cooked in creamy tomato gravy with fenugreek leaves

Chicken Tikka Masala

Clay over cooked chicken white meat simmered in tomato sauce

Chicken Kadai

Chicken cooked in red gravy

Chicken Shahi Korma

Chicken cooked in rich gravy of poppy seeds, cashew nuts, khoya and spices

Chicken Do Piazza

Chunky chicken cooked with onion in khadi

Chicken Tandoori

Chicken marinated in yoghurt, spices and slow cooked in a hot clay oven or an electric oven

Chicken Roast

Whole chicken roasted with spices, herbs, vegetables and its own flavor

Bhuna Kukda

Dry chicken preparation coated with red masala

Murgh Taka Tak

Seasoned chicken mince served with boiled eggs, mint

Murgh Achari

Wholesome chicken with automates and spice

Chicken Curry

Chef’s special home style chicken curry

Chicken Zafrani Do Pyaza

Chicken cooked in rich almond gravy finished off with pinch of saffron

Chilly Chicken

Cubes of Chicken Cooked with Pepper Onions, Ginger & Garlic

Chicken Manchurian

Indo-Chinese recipe of chicken made Manchurian style

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Skinless chicken breast cooked and tossed in sweet and sour sauce

Murgh Hyderabadi

Boneless chicken cubes served in spicy south indian gravy

Murgh Dum Badam Pasanda

Chicken cubes cooked in an almond based cooked

Sesame Chicken

A spicy Chinese dish made with chili paste and topped with toasted sesame seeds

Chicken Schezuan Sauce

Boneless chicken cooked in Schezuan sauce and vegetables

Goat/ Lamb/ Beef: Kadai

Chunks of Red meat cooked with bell peppers and tomatoes in khadi

Lamb/ Goat/ Beef: Bhuna

Chunky pieces of Red meat well-cooked rich in herbs and spices

Lamb/Goat/ Beef: Handi Ghosht

Lamb/ Goat/ Beef Curry with Vegetables

Lamb/ Goat/ Beef: Curry

Cubes of Red meat Cooked in tangy Onion & Tomato gravy

Lamb/ Goat/ Beef: Achari

Juicy pieces of Red Meat simmered in spices & pickles

Lamb/ Goat/ Beef: Do Piazza

Pieces of Red meat Cooked with onion in Kadai

Lamb/ Goat: Saag Ghosht

Lamb/ Goat shanks cooked in a creamy spinach sauce

Lamb/Goat: Rogan Josh

Lamb cooked with onions, tomato

Lamb/ Goat/ Beef: Ghosht Pasanda

Flattened mutton cubes marinated in spiced yoghurt & cooked in flavored gravy

Lamb/ Goat/ Beef: Sukka Mutton

Dry mutton with spices

Lamb/ Goat/ Beef: Shahi Korma

Boneless mutton pieces cooked in rich cashew nut based gravy

Chicken/ Lamb/ Goat: Vindaloo

Meat cooked in extremely spicy and tangy Vindaloo sauce and strong spices

Gosht Chili Masala

Minced lamb & bone –in lamb cooked together

Gosht Saag

Boneless lamb cubes cooked with finely chopped spinach

Murgh Dhabba

Homemade style chicken in a light gravy

Murgh Kali Mirch

Boneless chicken cubes served in cracked pepper gravy


Jeera Rice
Rice cooked with Cumin Seeds & Herbs 
Peas Pulao
Rice cooked with green peas
Vegetable Tehri Pulao

Rice cooked with vegetables
Kashmiri Pulao
Saffron rice cooked with fruits and nuts

Patiala Pulao

Rice with black chickpeas, green peas & cubes of cottage cheese 

Tiranga Pulao

Saffron rice with green peas and carrots 

Saffron Pulao

Saffron rice

Jeera Peas Pulao

Basmati rice cooked with peas and jeera



Vegetable Biryani 
Chicken Biryani 
Lamb/ Goat Biryani 
Hyderabadi Biryani (Spicy) 
Sindhi Biryani (Spicy) 


Dal Makhani

Chefs special, black lentils, cooked with tomato, cream, flavored with fenugreek 

Dal Tarka / Amritsari

Yellow lentils tempered with red chilies, cumin and coriander

Rajmah Kashmiri

Red kidney beans cooked with hing, ginger and tomatoes

Dal Patiala 

Urad dal cooked with chilies, coriander, tomatoes.

Chikar Channa 

Chickpeas with onions and tomatoes (Lahori style) 

Channa Masala

Chickpeas with onions and tomatoes

Pindi Channa

Chickpeas cooked in an onion tomato masala and whole spices into a delicious vegetarian curry



Assorted Naans

Leavened White Flour bread made in a Tandoor

Fried crispy golden bread


Gulab Jamun

Golden fried milk balls soaked in cardamom syrup


Ras Malai

Cottage cheese dumplings soaked in condensed milk sauce


Gajar Halwa

Coarsely grated carrots cooked in reduced milk


Moong Dal Halwa

A traditional dessert made with yellow lentil puree, finished with saffron and nuts



Fried semolina twisted dumplings infused in syrup


Sultani Kheer

Rice cooked in milk and raisin flavored with cardamom


Angoori Jamun

Mini deep-fried roundel of cottage cheese & flour in sweetened syrup



Roundels of creamed cheese in sweetened syrup


Chocolate Covered Jalebi in Shot Glasses


Sewaiya Kheer in Shot Glasses


Fruit Display

Seasonal and selective fresh fruit platter


Ice Cream Sundae Bar (Choice of 2)

                                   Frozen sweetened Cream Flavored in various Flavors -

                               (Mango, Pistachio, Paan, Chocolate, Vanilla, Tutti Frutti, Malai Kulfi,  & Strawberry)


Fruit Mélange

Fresh fruits enrobed with vanilla Chantilly


Assorted Pastries, Fruit Tarts & Cookies


Assorted Cakes


Assorted Indian Sweets: Bengali or North Indian


Assorted Mousses/ Jell-O